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ISBN: 9780061143489 Hardcover / 9780061770012 eBook/ 9780061719820 Large Print / 9780061143496 Paperback
February 2009 Hardcover, eBook, Large Print / October 2009 Paperback
Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Hardcover / eBook / Large Print/ Paperback
$24.99 Hardcover / $11.99 eBook / $24.99 Large Print / $7.99 Paperback
400 Pages Hardcover / 528 Pages Large Print / 390 Pages Paperback
Mystery Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Kyle Byrnes blames his father Liam Byrnes’ untimely demise, as well as his absent role when he was alive, on his pitiful life now. The way he saw it, if he had a father figure to look up to, he might have turned into somebody more than a man who lives for drunken nights and loose women.

Detective Lucia Ramirez is a hard-edged cop who believes in cutting straight to the chase without all the hearts and flowers and mushy feelings her partner seems to have. But as they take on a new case, she will soon find herself embroiled in something much bigger than she ever expected.

Out of habit, Kyle turns up at another funeral for a lawyer, only to find himself stirring up a hornet’s nest. Suddenly, he realizes that there is more going on than a simple robbery gone bad and there are unanswered questions that have him looking back at how his father died. Needing answers, Kyle begins to dig into his past while trying to evade the very sexy Detective Ramirez. But other people have Kyle in their crosshairs, and they will stop at nothing to make sure that the past stays buried along with secrets too dangerous to uncover.

Blood and Bone is a book full of intense characteristics and plotlines thick with tension and hidden agendas. In the beginning, I found Kyle to be very immature, unreliable, selfish, and one hundred percent a dislikeable character. However, as Mr. Lashner continues the story, Kyle began to grow as a stronger person, his excuses for a bad childhood began to disappear, and I found myself smiling at the person evolving within the book. With the twists, turns, and intrigue in the novel getting stronger as I progressed, I found I quite enjoyed reading this very good story.

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