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Tales from the Vampire Scribe

Book 1: Irresistible Nemesis
Book 2: Twice as Irresistible
Book 3: Blood and Bondage

Tales from the Vampire Scribe, Book 3
ISBN: 9781771301190
Evernight Publishing
90 Pages
Paranormal BDSM Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Anais Moreau has taken her revenge for centuries on men who are exactly like the nobleman responsible for turning her into a vampire. Knowing she is putting the womanizers in their place makes her anguished soul feel a little better each time.

Oliver Polinski may look like a womanizing jerk, but he is as far from being one as a man can get. He also happens to work for a bureau that hunts and kills vampires.

When Anais first spots Oliver, she knows she has found her next lover for the night, as well as a late night snack. But when she realizes exactly who and what Oliver is, she decides to keep her distance. Oliver will not allow the beautiful dancer out of his clutches, and vows to do whatever is necessary to keep the vampire within his arms. Even as the two begin a dance of lust and seduction, someone from Anais' past shows up to start a new dance that is a little more deadly.

The plot that Ms. Russo has come up with is quite intriguing. Two people who are as far apart as possible on the romance spectrum somehow end up attracted to each other. I did find myself slightly baffled at times with Anais' character. One minute she was quite domineering and wanted to be in charge, the next she was quite submissive. While I know she could be considered a switch, I did not get that feeling in this story. Overall, Blood and Bondage was an okay story that had some better moments mixed within the paranormal tale.

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