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Chosen by the Gods Series

Book 1: Blessed
Novella: Dance of the Gods

Chosen by the Gods, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781595788238
May 2, 2011
Liquid Silver Books
158 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Eliana Shay is the college student daughter of atheist parents. When she walks into class and sees a man whose very eyes seem to touch her flesh, igniting her desire, she thinks it is nothing more than a silly crush. But when life takes a turn for the strange and she finds she is a Chosen One intended for the service of the Gods, she reevaluates what she believes in. Will her teacher, Aiden, give her lessons in love as well as magic?

Aiden is the son of a pure family of Chosen Ones. He understands his service to his God and has the world in the palm of his hand. But when he is selected to mentor a new Chosen One, he finds that this pure and passionate student may have something new to teach him. He also finds that he is her willing and eager student.

Chased by destructive forces that revel in mutilation and pain, will Aiden be able to protect Eliana until she finds which God she is to serve? Or will they manage to get her alone to sway her to the dark side? Introduced to many other Chosen Ones, Eliana is finding a whole world she never knew existed. Will she figure out how to survive in it or will it destroy all that she is?

With references to things like space muskrats and other giggle worthy phrases, this author manages to twist a story that will have the reader fanning themselves in between bursts of uncontrollable laughter. The dialogue in this story is fun and realistic while discussing things that can only be described as fantastic. Passion between these powerful main characters jumps off the page, erotic and riddled with sexual tension. Altogether, a great book and something I recommend if you enjoy paranormal romance with splashes of comedy and eroticism.

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