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ISBN#: 9781615723003/9781615723010
February 2010
Eternal Press a Division of Damnation Publishing
91 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Molly is a woman who made the mistake of allowing someone to use her in a scientific experiment for money. When she wakes up it is 5000 years in the future, earth is an uninhabited dust bowl, and she is the last full-blooded human.

Captain Alsandair Amirov is a Narc captain who is always calm and in control, at least until he meets Molly, who really messes up his emotional radar.

Molly wakes up dripping wet with purple liquid and barely able to see. She comes up fighting thinking that she is going to tear apart Wally, the guy who paid her to do the experiment, only Wally is nowhere to be found. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by people who are nothing like the ones she has known in her past. These people have their emotions so tightly controlled and under wraps that it is enough to make Molly want to strangle someone. On top of that, there is the handsome Captain Amirov who she finds herself strangely attracted to, even if he does make her so mad she wants to kick him in the balls at times. Just when Molly is beginning to think she and Captain Amirov are going to be able to at least be friends, and possibly more, he participates in something that she sees as the ultimate betrayal of their infant friendship. Will Captain Amirov be able to get in touch enough with his emotions to realize just what it is that he has done? Or will his enemies take away their chance to become something more?

Blast from the Past had me roaring with laughter at times, and sitting there with tears in my eyes at others; it is a true roller coaster ride of emotions. The humor alone is worth buying this book, as is the author’s world building skills. The idea that sometime in the future some of the very things that make us human might be lost through intermarrying with other species is an interesting one. As is the idea that someone from the past could trigger those very genetic instincts. These are the ideas that drive this story and make it truly unique. I, for one, will be looking for more from this author, and I highly encourage anyone who needs a good long belly laugh or two with their romance to pick this book up today!

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