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Carnal Sins Series, Book 1
ISBN: 9781627409926
December 2013
Siren Publishing
138 Pages
Erotic, Contemporary, Light BDSM
Rating: 2 Cups

Getting hired on as the financial controller for Buchanan Enterprises is everything Kendall Van Heusen has worked so hard for. What she never expects is for her job to be in jeopardy so quickly.

Fighting tooth and nail is the only life Mac Buchanan knows, which is why he is the man he is today. No one takes advantage of him, no matter how sweet and sexy they may be.

Having a friend like Ashley means the world to Kendall, so when that friend is in mortal danger, Kendall does the unthinkable to save her life. Her actions lead to a 10 day contract that puts Kendall in Mac’s very uncompromising hands. Having Kendall at his mercy does something to Mac he could not anticipate, although he cannot say he is sorry. He just hopes that once this mess is over, she does not walk out of his life forever.

Starting out, this story seems to have some real substance and solid characters. Kendall is not only beautiful; she is as smart and driven as they come. Once the blackmail demand is made however, the whole plot seems to disintegrate into little more than a cheesy porn flick. Mac becomes a man almost beyond belief, which I find really cheapens the whole relationship between him and Kendall.

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