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Otherworld Assassins Series
Book 1: Last Kiss Goodnight
Book 2: Black and Blue

Otherworld Assassins, Book 2
ISBN# 9781451671605
22 October 2013
Pocket Books
400 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Corbin Blue is a successful football player and a skilled assassin. As part of the powerful Arcadian race, his alien attributes give him an edge over his human counterparts. Too bad they cannot do anything about his ridiculous infatuation with his boss's daughter.

Evie Black wants nothing more than to prove herself more than just the pampered daughter of her powerful father. If that means taking risks and thumbing her nose at agents like Corbin Blue, so be it. The arrogant bastard needs someone to bring him down a few pegs anyway, and Evie is just the girl to do it.

When an outside enemy lays waste to their organization and their friends, Evie and Blue must call a truce and play nice. They have very little time to figure out who wants everyone they love dead. Provided the scorching attraction between Black and Blue does not burn so hot to put everything in jeopardy.

The full and fascinating world of the Otherworld Assassins provides the perfect backdrop for this suspenseful, action-packed story. The chemistry between Corbin Blue and Evie Black is hot. So hot that at times it overshadows the story and becomes almost a hindrance. I do hope to see more in this series, so I can catch up with the fascinating secondary cast.

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