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ISBN#: 9781623003494
June 18, 2013
Loose ID
84 Pages
LGBT; Steampunk; Alternate reality Regency Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Anthony Clark is a genius inventor, but he is also an impoverished, broke nobleman. In order to fill his coffers so he can afford to continue to invent things to help the poor, he has decides to marry Stephen Ayers. However, he has no intention of falling in love, and instead intends for he and his husband to have an open marriage.

Stephen Ayers is richer than Midas. He also happens to very much admire Anthony Clark, a man who creates inventions that make life better for the poor. He admires him so much in fact, the he decides to honor the betrothal their fathers put together when both were young. But the truth is, Stephen is nervous, he is a virgin and has saved himself for his soon-to-be husband unknowing of the final outcome.

Anthony has it all planned out, he will marry Stephen, seduce him, introduce him to the arts of love and then convince him that it will be better for both of them if they are free to also find their pleasures outside marriage. There is only one problem with Anthony?s plan, Stephen is an honorable man who believes in the sanctity of marriage and is hopeful that Anthony?s work for the poor means he is also an honorable man. The two start off well enough, the sex is scorching, and Stephen seems to understand Anthony?s need to work in his lab and create machines. He even goes so far as to fund a lab for him, and to provide all the supplies he could require, but it is not long before emotions become involved on both sides. Emotions are something that Anthony wants no part of. One night he becomes drunk and in an effort to convince himself he can go on as before his marriage, he commits the ultimate mistake. Unfortunately, his new husband sees said mistake and is hurt beyond belief. Will Anthony be able to come to grips with his growing affections for Stephen? Will he be able to convince Stephen that he realizes his mistake and that he will not repeat it? Or will the two go their separate ways and have a very cold marriage indeed.

Bitter Rednesses of Love has all the earmarks of an excellent Regency romance. I truly enjoyed finding an m/m that was set in this time period, and the splash of steampunk just made it that much more enjoyable. The love scenes are hot enough to singe eyebrows, and give the story a some wonderful color. The formal language of this piece makes you feel as though you are right there in the Regency period and gives this story extra realism. If you love Regency romance, and m/m romance then you definitely want to pick up this little gem.

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