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ISBN#: 9781605923208
June 6, 2011
Noble Romance Publishing
22 pages
Erotic Romance/Contemporary/Paranormal
Rating: 3 cups

Meg is a vampire living in Paris, France. She feeds on the dregs of society that prey on the girls who work the strip clubs. One night, she finds a young woman who looks like she could use a friend.

Grace is in the Pigalle area in an attempt to learn a few tricks. Grace’s boyfriend dumped her because he said she was boring in bed, so Grace headed to the sleazy part of Paris complete with sex clubs and prostitutes, in the hope of becoming more adventurous.

Meg is hunting when she sees Grace looking out of place in the Pigalle area. She sits down with Grace and listens to her story. Meg is lonely and feels as if she has found a friend. Meg takes Grace to the highest point so Grace can see the city at night. When Grace is not scared of what Meg is, they take their desires to new heights.

This is the first female/female book I have read and I have to say, I really liked it. It is a sexy read with beautiful descriptions of the City of Lights. I was able to picture each sight as they were described in the book. Ms. Felthouse’s writing style kept my attention on the story throughout. Grace’s evolution from inexperienced to wanton was fun to see, and Meg’s delight at that certainly warmed my heart. If you are looking for a book with sensuality, romance and a little humor, then be sure to add this one to your shelf.

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