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Book 1: Bodies of Work
Book 2: Drag and Drop
Book 3: Break and Enter
Book 4: Birds of a Feather

An Avondale Story, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-61372-013-4 (Print), 978-1-61372-014-1 (EB)
June 2011
Dreamspinner Press
Print / E-Book
$16.99 / $6.99
284 Pages
Fantasy / Paranormal / Mystery / Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

The comings and goings of a private investigator does not leave much time for a personal life, but Quentin Quasar tries to keep an open mind, literally. His ability to read the thoughts of others is a tremendous help in his line of work, and he hopes to one day find someone who shares his gift.

He has always known his mother was a weak person, and yet Nate Braddock could never have guessed she would go so far as to have her own son kidnapped. The cult she and his stepfather are involved with has completely warped her mind, and it has put Nate in grave danger.

Casual encounters are really the only thing Quentin has ever had, but as busy as he is that may be a good thing. However, he still reaches out with his thoughts every time he comes to a small town, and for the first time ever he gets a response. Nate and Quentin find something in each other that they have sought for years, and their bond is immediate and intense. Quentin pulls out all the stops to make sure Nate is safe from his family, and if everything works out the way he hopes, he will be keeping Nate close for a very, very long time.

Quentin and Nate have what it takes to make a fantastic addition to the Avondale series. They are loving, considerate, and have a subtly sexy vibe that cannot be beat. The telepathic abilities they share keep things interesting, and it ramps up their adventures to a whole new level. Their story is just beginning, and I cannot wait to read more of Quentin and Nate, as well as the rest of the guys in this series.

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