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The Parable, Montana Series

Book 1: Big Sky Country
Book 2: Big Sky Mountain
Book 3: Big Sky River
Book 4: Big Sky Summer
Book 5: Big Sky Wedding

The Parable Series, Book 5
ISBN# (-13) 9780373777747
27 August 2013
Harlequin Romance
$7.99 US/$8.99 CAN
376 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Décor Galore is such a success Brylee Parrish does not know quite what to do with herself anymore. She has more money than she will ever spend. Yet, true happiness seems to be just beyond her reach.

Having fallen into acting accidentally, Zane Sutton feels no remorse at leaving it all behind. A chunk of land in Montana is calling his name, and he is more than ready to listen.

Zane barely gets his feet on the ground after moving from L.A. when his entire world gets flipped on end. Besides his little brother, Nash, and his indomitable housekeeper, Cleo, showing up, what really blows him away is his gorgeous and cranky neighbor, Brylee. Brylee's history with her former fiancé makes her more than a little cautious when it comes to men, yet there is no comparison to the feelings she gets around Zane. Five minutes in each other's company have both Zane and Brylee feel like they have been struck by lightning. Now they have to figure out if that is a good thing, or if they are destined to get burned.

When two people click like Zane and Brylee, there is no way to ignore the obvious, even if Brylee sure does put up a good fight. In fact conflicting emotions are so overwhelming, it is no wonder her poor dog, Snidely, thinks she may have finally gone off her rocker. Bursting into tears and going off half-cocked puts Brylee in a bad light, although Zane seems to see through all of this to the beautiful woman on the inside. This series opens all the senses with beautiful scenery to its downright sexy cowboys, and all in all you are going to enjoy every one.

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