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ISBN #: 978-0-373-26699-9
April 2010
Worldwide Library
Mass Market Paperback
248 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Biggie is a tiny woman with a big personality. She is the power behind Job’s Crossing and knows everyone and everything that goes on there. But not everyone knows everything about her and her past.

J.R. is Biggie’s grandson. She has raised him since the death of his father. He is too much for his nervous mother. The thirteen year old is wise beyond his years and is growing up fast.

Biggie’s past has come back to Job’s Crossing and J.R. learns about a grandfather that he never knew he had only to lose him to a murderer the next day. Rex Barnwell and his wife own a ranch outside of town that Laura Barnwell has turned into a fat farm. The Bar LB is full of mysteries, most importantly that of who shot Rex and why. The old man had a lot of money and fame from his career as a race car driver, but no obvious enemies. Biggie and Ranger Upchurch are determined to uncover the murderer with the help of J.R. of course.

The story is told from the J.R.’s perspective, which limits things somewhat. He is not privy to all of Biggie’s data, but his take on things can be refreshing at times. This is an entertaining series type mystery with quirky characters, an easily managed setting, and an engaging but not too terribly difficult crime to solve.

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