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ISBN: 9781605920399
June 2009
Noble Romance Publishing
66 Pages
Historical/ Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The year is 1070, and after the Battle of Hastings, Lady Angela of Parr is taken to see King William. Her father died during the battle, and her lands were confiscated. Now Angela is told she will make the ultimate sacrifice, she will marry a man who may have been the one to slay her father.

Sir Damien de Anesi is a true and just knight who believes in loyalty above all else. When he sees the beautiful and spirited Angela, he knows he must have her as his wife.

Damien and Angela begin to meet in secret, first accidentally and then on purpose as their passion for each other grows out of control. As their feelings of lust turns to love, the Norman knight tells his lady what his feelings are and that he wants to petition the king for her hand in marriage. Soon though, Angela learns that her hand is to go to another, a man who disgusts her and makes her whole body shudder in distaste. Will Damien once again choose honor and loyalty for his king or will he choose his heart and the love he has for Angela?

Ms. Brown has written a wonderful and detailed story about life and love during the time of war and the suffering after the fact. Angela struggles with her feelings for the Norman knight because he is her enemy, even as her body knows it is him that she wants. Damien wrestles with similar feelings when his honor is pitted against the love he has for her. The only problem I found with this tale is that some of the lines were a little on the cheesy side, but the plot did get better as I read further into the story. On the whole, this tale kept me captivated and definitely had me smiling as I turned the last page.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of anal sex, spanking and is a red hot romance!

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