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ISBN: 978-1-936000-11-1
April 2010
Desert Breeze Publishing
158 Pages
Paranormal Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

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Starting up with a new author is always nerve wracking, but Diana has complete confidence in her charge. He is destined to write best sellers if she can get him over his current slump.

No matter what he tries, L.B. Daye is striking out and staring at a blank computer screen is doing nothing but giving him headaches. Unfortunately those headaches have turned into delusions.

She is in sooo much trouble, but Diana honestly does not know what went wrong. One minute she is trying to inspire L.B., and the next…he sees her! A crack on the head leads to unbridled emotions, but Diana and L.B. are from two different planes. How can an immortal muse and a soon-to-be-famous human author ever have a chance at happiness together?

L.B. and Diana are bubbly and fun. Their characters have great chemistry and are so endearingly messed up that you cannot help but love them.

Inspiration Lost and Found

All Jezebelle Jones ever wanted was to be a writer muse, even though the odds of finding a real winner are slim to none. She just never imagined being stuck with an author who revels in total violence.

As far as fame goes, Trevor Black is at the top of the list, but it is all getting so tiresome. The groupies and fans are great, but what he would not give for real conversation with an honest and upfront woman.

No matter what she does or how hard she tries to suggest anything to Kevin, he completely blocks her, and she is at a loss as to how to fix it. But she never imagined getting advice from one the best muses in the business. Trevor feels instinctively that Jeze is genuine and loving, and wants more than anything to get to know her better. At the same time, Jeze is a bit stunned with the intensity of feelings she is having for Trevor and not at all comfortable with the direction her heart is taking.

There is a deeper feeling of anticipation for these two characters. You get a sense of underlying issues that enhance their humanity for the reader.

Matchmaking A-muse-ment

Not many muses have been as lucky as Isolde has been with her author, Jane. Jane is a wonderful person inside and out, but Isolde worries that her workaholic author needs to live a little.

They are getting closer to the end of another award-winning book, and Tristen is ready for a vacation. His author, Antonio, could use one as well, but edits take priority right now.

Isolde needs a break after helping Jane finish her last book and decides a little trip overseas is in order. It is only her first day away and she is already a little worried she is going to be lost and lonely, that is until she meets Tristen. They have an immediate spark, and while their romance seems to be a sure thing, their authors will have the final say. The only option is to create a little fire burning on the home front and hope they do not get burned in the process.

The muses in this story are lively and entertaining, making a great counterpart to their respective humans. Jane and Antonio are a little harder to work out, but that is what makes this story an interesting read.

Melpomene and Thalia Sittin’ in a Tree

Krystal really wants Brent to expand his writing to include just a smidgeon of romance, but getting him on board is not happening. Brent writes paranormal mysteries, and is perfectly content, even if that blank Word document seems to be mocking him daily.
His author has really made a name for herself in the chick lit genre, and Zal is confident Alice can help Krystal’s author. Getting Krystal to agree to his suggestion is a whole other issue.

Maybe if Brent banged his head against the wall something would tumble out, because nothing else seems to be working, and he is not the only one getting frustrated. Krystal is getting desperate, knowing the boss is breathing down her neck, but taking advice from Zal just bites. Brent takes the somewhat unsubtle hint to attend Alice’s seminar and is slammed with feelings like nothing he has ever experienced. Their way is rocky and rough, but nothing worthwhile comes without a little hard work.

This story stands out from the pack. There is danger and suspense as well as love and romance. All combined to entice the reader to enjoy page after page.

Not A-Mused

Sacrificing one’s principles does not pay the bills, but Vivian and her author, Angelica, are reluctant to give in to temptation. For Vivian that temptation would be in the form of on-again, off-again lover Dirk, and for Angelica it would mean writing to appease the masses.

Jack Benson is a much-acclaimed author, but even he needs outside inspiration once in a while. Dirk is Jack’s muse, but right now he wants nothing more than to be Vivian’s lover, this time for good.

A writing conference should be the perfect place to get some new ideas, but being paired with a newbie, and a romance author at that, was not what Jack expected. Angelica sees everything that is wrong in best-selling books today in Jack Benson, but that does not stop her heart from fluttering whenever he is near. While the humans battle it out, Dirk is on a mission to make Vivian realize just how much he wants her. Vivian wants everlasting love, but is horribly afraid that Dirk only wants “right now”, and her heart could not take losing him again.

These two couples write the book on dysfunctional relationships. Power plays and misunderstandings pull them this way and that, but their struggles make them that much more fun to read.

Each of these stories is a quirky little twist on the life of an author and their muse and what it must be like to struggle to put words on a page when inspiration seems to have dried up. That little voice in the back of your head that does not let you sleep at night, or has you scribbling notes in the most inappropriate places, could be your muse. A real live, pain in the butt, nagging entity that will not go away until you are in dire need, and then poof…it disappears. It is fun to read their story for a change, and if you can at all relate, I am sure you will think so too.

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