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Boston Avant-Garde Series
Book 1: Strung Out
Book 2: Crescendo
Book 3: Impetuous
Book 4: Encore
Book 5: Bellicoso

Boston Avant-Garde, Book 5
ISBN# 9781623004361
23 July 2013
Loose Id, LLC
285 Pages
BDSM Ménage Multi-cultural
Rating: 4 Cups

The pain and humiliation of marrying a cheater drives Selena Aasen to the clubs, hoping to find a man who can make her forget. She goes through one after another. Only the ache just seems to get worse.

For years, Malachi's life as well as his job has been spent surrounded by all manners of sex and fetishes. He would love nothing more than to take his lover, Demon, and his daughter, Allie, far away from Seraphina and her sex club, Triptych.

The few hours Selena spends with Malachi awakens her soul. When she meets his lover, Demon, there is no turning back. These two men take her to heights previously unimaginable. Yet, it is Malachi's daughter who completely captures her heart. Malachi and Demon's relationship takes on a completely new dimension the moment Selena steps into their lives, making them more determined than ever to stop Seraphina. The woman is the very essence of evil, subjugating everyone around her to her own special brand of Hell.

Malachi and Demon are prime examples of everything it means to be male. Their relationship with each other as well as with Allie is only made better when Selena enters their lives. Her spoiled brat routine is a shield she uses to mask her insecurities, but there is no covering up with Demon and Malachi. She is the cornerstone they never know is missing, yet it is all too obvious she is exactly what they need to survive.

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