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Green’s Hill Werewolves Series
Book 1: Yearning
Book 2: Waiting
Book 3: Reaching
Book 4: Changing
Book 5: Becoming
Book 6: Being

Green’s Hill Werewolves Book 6
ISBN#: 9781610407342
December 2011
Torquere Press
117 Pages
Erotic Romance; Ménage a Trois; Gay Erotic Romance; Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Teague lies in bed close to death. His two lovers watch as he fights to stay alive.

Jack has always felt that he was the weakest of the group. But when Teague and Katy are incapacitated, he finds himself stepping up as leader of their threesome.

Katy rejected her human form, staying in her wolf form to the point that it was scaring Jack. Finally, after hours of being in her animal state, she turns human again.

But the fight is not over yet. Jack and Katy must get Teague to wake up. Terrified of what is happening to him, Jack and Katy turn to each other during their time of need. Will Teague wake up? Can Jack and Teague overcome their obstacles to mate with one another like their souls are crying out for them to do? Or will Jack and Katy find their threesome turning into a devastating twosome?

Ms. Lane’s written work is so hot it will leave you sweating, even in the dead of winter. However, I was so lost throughout the tale that even with the information provided in the book, I felt as if I was thrown into the middle of a novel without any idea what had happened previously and I was expected to understand it all. Being does have some winning moments, including solid characters and sensually satisfying moments. I really feel that if I had read the entire series, I would have enjoyed this novel more. If you are a fan of the Green’s Hill Werewolves Series and you have read it from the beginning, I am sure you will find that the author gives you a wonderful story that you can savor and take pleasure in reading.

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