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Knights of the Board Room Series

Book 1: Behind the Mask Anthology (Board Resolution)
Book 2: Unlaced Anthology (Controlled Response)
Book 3: Laced with Desire Anthology (Honor Bound)
Book 4: Afterlife
Book 5: Hostile Takeover
Book 6: Willing Sacrifice

ISBN: 1-4199-0116-8
March 2005
Ellora's Cave
236 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

The Ellora's Cave anthology, Behind the Mask, is a collection of three stories from some of the best writers of women's romantic BDSM.

In Board Resolution by Joey W. Hill, Matt has known Savannah for years since they square off in the board room. One night, he finally decides she is ready for the next step in their personal relationship and wants her to realize she is loved and adored in ways she didn't think possible. While this is a shocking book, it is a wonderful example of the relationship that can develop in a dominant and submissive partnership, and how liberating it can be to surrender to another person, especially with someone who loves you passionately.

Lacey Alexander's characters in Mardi Gras are so compelling and lifelike, readers will care about them from the first page. Mia has wanted Ty for years, but he has never considered her anything but a good girl friend. He knows he needs a lot more. When Mia takes matters and a beautiful Mardi Gras mask into her own hands, the sex between the two is scorching and thrilling. When hurt feelings are aroused, the way the couple works together is inspirational. Mardi Gras is my favorite story in this great book, due to the well written emotions, desires and great sex.

Hidden Desires by Elizabeth Lapthorne is the story of a man with alpha tendencies and who is intelligent enough to use different strategies when he goes after the woman he wants at a Mardi Gras ball. Their night together is sexually thrilling and a very hot read. When she discovers his identity, the tension is wonderful. I was reading faster and faster to see how the couple moves forward. This is a wonderful, realistic and loving story, and I have already read it again.

This is a great anthology for readers who like their romance on the hard side of Ellora's Cave "romantica." I was a bit distracted on the way a sex-toy apparatus worked, but only a geek like me would consider bench dimensions a compelling factor. Much more important are the wonderfully domineering and loving men and women who make up these stories. My suggestion would be to have a cool drink, or even better, a significant other available when you are done reading this outstanding book. Behind the Mask is an extraordinary read and definitely worth 5 Cups.

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