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ISBN# Unavailable
May 2006
Venus Press, LLC
16 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Illaria, a newly married young lady, has decided she has had enough of waiting. Her husband abandoned her on their wedding night and she has not seen him in five months. One evening at a masquerade ball given by one of the Medicis, she decides to take a lover. After all, most likely that is what her husband has been doing. Illaria thinks she has spotted just the right man when she nearly stumbles on him giving sexual pleasure to a woman in the shadows. When she notices he is not similarly relieved, she decides to take the other woman’s place.

The man in question has also noticed her, and while his identity, like hers, is hidden by a mask, he too finds her attractive and wants to have her.

When the man she has nearly offered herself to asks Illaria to dance, she has mixed feelings. However, it is not long before she convinces him and herself to have this night of passion.

This story is well written and historically accurate. The sex is realistic for the social era the characters live in, and the main setting of the story is sensually descriptive. I found myself easily relating to Illaria as a real individual, even though the situation she found herself in is rare for our day and age. I liked this story very much, and would recommend it to anyone who relishes reading about bygone eras.

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