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ISBN- 9780451227720
August 2009
Signet Eclipse, a division of Penguin Group Inc.
$6.99 US/ $8.50 CAN
309 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Maggie Donovan makes her living painting murals on store windows. She is devoted to her sister, Nora, and niece, Eileen. Maggie is also half-Fae. When she threw Mab, Queen of the Fae, out a window, Maggie took Mab's place as Queen. This is not Maggie's desire, but it seems there is a small matter of this being her destiny to address. That does not mean she will except the throne without a fight.

Culhane is Chieftain of the Warrior Clan and has played an integral part in getting Maggie to this point in her life. He has been watching over Maggie all of her life, but falling in love with her was not necessarily in his plans. It will take a Warrior to keep Maggie and her family safe, but it will take everything in his power to get his Queen to trust him, let alone love him.

The once imprisoned Mab is free and looking for revenge. There is an uprising in Otherworld. It seems some of the Fae are unhappy with having a half-blood Fae for their Queen. Culhane has the difficult task of getting Maggie to take her role as Queen seriously. Maggie did not ask to be Queen. She is content with her life in the mortal world, but Otherworld folk are popping up when and where she least expects it. With the things she is learning, Maggie is ready to step up to the throne. Maggie Donovan, Queen of the Fae, will rely on her friends, family and Warriors to help her stay safe - a task which will require the use of every skill in their arsenal.

The journey with Maggie was exciting and full of adventure, one I would gladly take again. The cast of characters in this book are so colorful. From Nora and Eileen to the Fae of the Otherworld, each character brings a special element that is their own to this entire story. Culhane sees the strength in Maggie and admires it, even when she is fighting for something he does not believe in. To me, this makes him the perfect hero. Maggie is not a damsel in distress. She is a strong and independent young woman who is more than ready to be Queen. This is the epitome of a heroine. Having never read a book by Ms. Child before Beguiled, I will say she has made me a fan for life.

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