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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2009
Whispers Publishing
Price Unavailable
179 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Pauline Ray is a mother and wife of a man who thinks nothing of beating her any time he chooses. However, when he strikes her son is when Pauline decides it is time to run.

Jeremy Sheffield lost his whole family when his sister Jenny drowned. He has just been going through the motions since then trying to get by.

When Pauline’s husband strikes her son for the first time, she knows she has get herself and her children away from him. She takes the money she has managed save and hide over the years and her children and runs. She has no idea where they are going to go, and when the stage coach they are in overturns in Norton, VA, and the kind townspeople give her a cart and horse to get where she’s going, she winds up on April May’s property, crying her eyes out. Fortunately for her, April May and her sister Cessie take her and the children in, and it is they who come up with the idea of her becoming Anne Elise. So, Pauline takes Anne Elise’s name and property and begins her new life. When Jeremy sees Pauline, he feels alive for the first time in years. Drawn to her in a way he cannot explain, he goes out to her home and offers to help fix things around her property. She explains she has no money to pay him, and he suggests she can pay him with “relations.” Strangely enough Pauline, now Anne Elise takes him up on it. However, neither of them counted on falling in love. Also, Pauline’s husband is not far behind. What will she do if he finds them? What will Jeremy do?

I absolutely LOVED this book! This is one of those books where the bad guys actually get what is coming to them, and this author does not sugar coat it. The characters are very well written and realistic, as are the emotions they experience, making the story very real. The fact that Pauline, while shy, was not ashamed of her own sexuality, nor of taking what she wanted once she got over her shyness, was refreshing. So often, women in the past are painted as these fainting flowers unable to handle the least strong emotion, and this was not the case with Pauline. I really liked that. Each of the main characters, including Pauline’s children, had suffered, but the way they all came together and supported each other in the end really makes this story a keeper.

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