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ISBN# 158608724x
March 30, 2011
New Concepts Publishing
71 pages
Erotic, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Isabelle Dunbar, or Belle as her sisters call her, is determined to make it to her father’s side to care for him through his illness. Her passionate sisters may be driven by lust but she is saving herself for love and commitment. Traveling through the lands of Lord Glen Dubh, rumored to have evil spirits at his beck and call due to a pact with the devil, the sisters are waylaid and find themselves captives of a mysterious and terrifying captor.

Haldon, Lord Glen Dubh, was cursed by a fairy who claimed that she was helping him by making him as beastly and horrible on the outside as he was on the inside. What she didn’t change were the desires of a man, the needs of his body. When he first glimpses the lovely Belle traveling inside the coach, he is inflamed and knows he has to make her stay. Will she be the one to break the curse and free him from the prison that binds him?

Brought together by a curse and each haunted by the image of what Haldon once was, the two tiptoe around each other, trying to find a balance. Left with only themselves as companionship, they discover— through their conversations—parts of themselves they had refused to see. But will Beauty save the Beast?

Inspired by my favorite fairytale of love that sees past the image that first meets the eye, Beauty and the Beast brings an erotic and vivid spin on an age old classic. While keeping to the expected and required basic premise of the story, it falls short on the connection between the main characters. Without the tenderness that is expected in this beloved tale, it falters by substituting lust rather than incorporating it.

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