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Spellbound Series book 1
ISBN: 061550812X / 978-0615508122
July 2011
Moonlight Publishing, Inc
Trade Paperback / Ebook
$12.99 / $2.99
310 Pages
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Fifteen-year-old Shiloh is psychically gifted (or cursed), and for her, it is a constant struggle to act normal when there is so much supernatural activity going on around her – distracting her. Then there are the terrifying threats, and a stalker ghost.

Trent Donovan has his own demons. His mother killed herself when he just a young boy, and his father is generally absent on business. When Trent returns to Whispering Pines, he is drawn to shy Shiloh. He is captivated by her quirky humor and individuality.

As children continue to go missing in Whispering Pines, Shiloh tenaciously continues her efforts to remove the town curse and save the remaining children. She accepts an internship assisting in the renovation of the haunted mansion owned by Trent’s father because it is there where the evil presence is most active, and because it will allow her to remain in close proximity to Trent.

I enjoyed this story and thought the fog enshrouded Whispering Pines was particularly well-depicted and lent exceptional strength to the eeriness that continuously surrounds Shiloh. The gothic undertones throughout kept me on edge and constantly wondering what would happen next. The tension built slowly in the first half, but picked up considerably after that. I felt the youthful angst and conversations were believable and often humorous. For the most part, I was easily able to suspend disbelief and stay with the story; however, for me, there were a couple of instances in which the event sequence just seemed too far-fetched. Shiloh is an exceptionally likable young heroine, and I am certainly looking forward to further adventures with her.

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