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Beyond the Marius Brothers

Book 1: Isaac Dragos
Book 2: Darcy Burke
Book 3: Barnabas Leopold

Beyond the Marius Brothers, Book 3
ISBN: 1-61926-741-1
April 2012
Siren Publishing
115 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative M/M, Ménage, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

With his twenty-first birthday behind him, Barnabas Leopold knows it is time to accept his position on the East Coast Council. This will be his first homecoming since his parents' death six years ago, and what breaks his heart even more is that he still has no one special to share it with.

Not expressing his feelings for Barnabas has been torture for Miles Juniper, but the young man is much too smart for a dumb security guard like himself. Digger Slane, however, has no such qualms about claiming his mate, and seeing Bas for the first time is like a rocket going off in his head.

For years Bas has made it known to Miles that he is interested, but the man never took the bait, and now that the truth has come out, it may be too late. Knowing that he has two mates is more than Bas can handle on top of filling the ruling seat on the East Coast Council. He has loved Miles for so long, and being with Digger is like a fantasy come true, but there is so much more than his love life at stake right now. The enemy is getting smarter and bolder, and with Bas as their primary target, Miles and Digger may lose their mate before they even have a chance to get to really know each other.

A very young and inexperienced Barnabas Leopold is thrust head first into a whirlwind mating, and he is not the only one to feel like his world is spinning out of control. His story is jam packed with the highest highs and lowest lows, with very little room in between to really get your bearings. The characters are all fascinating and their sexual exploits exhilarating, I just wish it did not come at you at such a blinding pace. This is a great series however, and there is always a loving and caring vibe to each and every character.

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