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Beach Boys, Book 1
ISBN#: Unavailable
January 7, 2012
Sugar and Spice Press
68 Pages
M/M, Contemporary Erotic Romance, GLBT
Rating: 3 Cups

Even knowing it was a really bad idea, Gerry Ford allowed his mother to talk him into attending his brother’s wedding. His brother Harry hates his guts, and Gerry cannot say he blames him.

The islands are home for Kai Kaiopio, and there is nowhere else he would rather be. His family, friends, and community are open and supportive of him and his lifestyle.

The reception that Gerry gets from his brother is as expected, and no less than he deserves. He tries to sooth his battered body and nerves with the hotel’s sauna, but instead finds a man like no other he has ever met. Gerry’s prior attempts at trying to find a man have been abysmal, and yet with Kai everything seems so much easier. Kai refuses to see Gerry as anything less than perfect, but is Gerry strong enough to accept it?

Gerry is a man whose pain is as deeply emotional as it is physical. I like that he takes responsibility for his actions, and that he does not expect pity for his handicap. It is the switch from passionate episodes with Kai to scenes with Sally (Harry’s fiancée) however that I find to be somewhat disjointed. The characters are wonderfully inventive and have such great emotional depth that I will certainly be on the lookout for book two.

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