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Arcadia Bell Series

Book 1: Kindling the Moon
Book 2: Summoning the Night
Book 2.5: Leashing the Tempest
Book 3: Binding the Shadows
Book 4: Banishing the Dark

Arcadia Bell, Book 4
ISBN # 9781451695090
27 May 2014
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Things never seem to settle down for Arcadia Bell. Just once, Cady wishes she could settle down and relax with her boyfriend Lon. Unfortunately, her mother is trying to hijack her body in order to hatch some plan to harness the moon’s power.

Cady knows she has to stay one step ahead of her mother. Hoping to conceal her secrets, Cady asks Lon to use a mild memory spell. Neither Lon nor Cady are prepared for the results of Cady’s altered memory.

Now Cady is travelling with Lon to search for clues to the spell Cady’s parents used during her conception. She just cannot seem to remember why such a hot, handsome guy would want to involve himself in her psycho mother-daughter squabble. She is left to ponder the scorching chemistry between her and Lon while dodging near fatal brushes with some pretty weird members of the magical community.

Cady is back for some seriously twisted adventures guaranteed to thrill anyone who loves Urban Fantasy. The deep bond between Cady and Lon is tweaked in some pretty interesting ways in this latest story. I highly recommend readers pick up the previous Arcadia Bell novels to really understand the unique plot twists and get the most of the reading experience.

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