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May 2009
Mystic Moon Press
173 Pages
Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah is minding her own business when she notices a lonely looking man sitting outside on the apartment steps. Feeling like she should do something, the New Yorker makes a cup of hot tea and then proceeds to invite the stranger into her home.

Edryd cannot believe his luck, being banished from the fae world and without full knowledge of why. When a beautiful woman offers him a cup of tea and then invites him into her home, he is shocked because no one should be able to see him due to the banishment placed on him.

Sarah and Edryd soon find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime. They become closer as they search out the mystery of why the Prince of Oberon was banished from his home for a murder that he knows he has not committed. As the new lovers come closer to discovering the truth, the danger escalates and threatens to tear Sarah and Edryd apart forever.

Banished started off a little slowly for me, making it difficult for me to enjoy this fantasy tale. Edryd came across as a little too uncaring for me to take pleasure in this story. Then as the book continued to unfold, the action, adventure, romance, and fantasy elements began to grip me and I became more involved with the story. When the destructive characters started to come after Sarah and Edryd, the tale developed into an even more fantastic read. With a fairy world that is so descriptive as written by Ms. Rains and Mr. Corby and an amazing cast within the novel, this is a sure story to keep you reading just to see what happens between a human girl and the fairy prince she loves.

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