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ISBN#: 9781607378860
November 2010
Loose ID
218 Pages
Futuristic Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Kree is the High Priestess and leader of an order of female sexual mystics called the Sophites. Members of the Sopha Order are being hunted and killed by the Theocrats whose goal is to wipe out any opposition or threat to their staid and regimental religious beliefs.

Eavan is a mysterious Druma warrior who has been tasked with capturing Kree. His duty is to deliver her unharmed to a hidden Druma enclave. The journey is long, arduous, and fraught with peril.

Ronen is the leader of the Sopha Sentries who protect and serve the mystics. He is an honorable man who has secretly loved Kree for years. Ronen leads a small contingent of his brothers in pursuit of the Druma warrior, resolved to rescue his precious priestess.

This book is smokin’! The action in the bedroom and on the road is practically non-stop. Underlying the whole story is the concept of power and how it can be used abusively by unscrupulous groups who desire strict homogeny and adherence to uncompromising, inflexible tenets. Several sects with different and sometimes conflicting belief systems are introduced and then nicely fleshed-out as the events unfold on this realistically depicted alternate world. The individual characters are believable and for the most part likable; their motives logical and reasonable. I really became engrossed. The ending seems to leave open the possibility of a sequel or sequels. I certainly hope more adventures are in the making.

Warning: Contains explicit graphic sexual language and content, including anal intercourse and threesomes.

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