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ISBN#: 9781419923548
August 2009
Ellora’s Cave
124 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance (Some BDSM elements)
Rating: 4 Cups

Katrina is an unmarried young woman of the Ton. She has an independent income due to the foresight of her late parents and her secret career as a writer of political satire under an alias.

Bram is the Earl of Wiltshire and the only heir of his ducal father. He has a reputation as a rake and a debaucher of young women. Most women would be willingly debauched.

Determined to expose the Earl of Wiltshire for the debaucher he is, writer Katrina Hartford disguises herself as a maid in his employ. The tables are soon turned on her as she becomes the very willing victim of her new employer and finds that she enjoys Bram’s form of debauchery very much indeed.

I enjoyed this bit of BDSM in a Regency setting. The setting made for some interesting situations. The love scenes are very inventive and erotic, but this story offers much more. The plot is interesting and the main characters are well developed and three dimensional. I particularly loved the sexy, tortured, and misunderstood Bram. His childhood trauma left deep scars that only Kitty seems to soothe. Kitty is as feisty a character as you will meet. In addition to her beauty and intelligence, she is resourceful and exactly what Bram needs. This author did a wonderful job of combining a good historical romance with a BDSM tale that will delight fans of both genres.

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