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ISBN# 9781607775447
9 January 2012
Ravenous Romance
154 Pages
Gay Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Walking out of rehab, Evan Littlefield knows it will be for the last time. He is not getting any younger, and with a teenage son to raise, he knows he needs to make some serious changes in his life.

Making money is what Jeffery Charles excels at. Everything else comes in a distant second. Even his marriage, as much as he loves his husband and son, does not interfere with business.

Evan knows how lonely it is to live with Jeffery, so having Kenny move in with him right now is probably not the best idea. His husband’s open-marriage concept is getting harder for Evan to take, yet moving on when he still loves Jeffery is even harder. Like alcohol, sex is easy, but it is a loving, caring, monogamous relationship that Evan craves. He knows HE may never have it with Jeffery, which makes him want that drink even more.

Love may not discriminate, but it does not mean it cannot hurt. Evan surrounds himself with people who love him, yet he is still missing the one crucial link that will make him happy. It is understandable and completely reasonable that he wants a full-time family, although he routinely sabotages this goal by giving in to Jeffery. This is what I love most about Mr. Field’s work. The characters struggle with real life problems and day-to-day issues, while trying to find that special someone to share their love with.

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