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A Taylor & Graham Mystery

Book 1: Death of an Ordinary Man
Book 2: Sainted Murder
Book 3: On the Twelfth Night of Christmas
Book 4: Pearls Before Swine
Book 5: Horns of a Dilemma
Book 6: The Coffin Watchers
Book 7: The Terrible Enemy
Book 8: Poison, Murder, Satisfaction
Book 9: Mysteries, Dreams, and Darkness
Book 10: The Mystery of the Green Mist
Book 11: A Well Dressed Corpse

A Taylor & Graham Mystery, Book 11
ISBN: 978-1-60318-396-3/ 978-1-60318-397-0
April 2011
L & L Dreamspell
Hard Cover/ eBook
$16.95/ $4.99
310 Pages
English Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

The small village of Cauldham is an idyllic setting for a country fete, but Detective Sergeant Brenna Taylor is not here for the festivities. A murder has brought her and the team to investigate, and if they are good enough they may just solve two.

His team is the best, and DCI Geoffrey Graham knows he does not have to dog their every step to keep the investigation moving. This time however, the higher ups are pressing for closure, and his crack investigator is about to get some very troubling news.

The well dressing is an annual event for the surrounding villages, and the winner for many years has been Cauldham, but this year the tiny town is under a cloud of mystery. Bren and her partner Mark are uncovering more than they bargained for with the murder of a local man, and someone is not happy. This time around Bren has her own problems to deal with, with her upcoming marriage, and it is stretching her to the breaking point. Two deaths, twenty years apart, nearly an entire village under scrutiny and the freakish ghost story of spirit hounds is enough to keep everyone guessing, but can the team unravel the threads to find the truth behind it all?

The devil is in the details, and there are plenty to go around with A Well Dressed Corpse. With Bren and her partner Mark following every lead, no matter how small or inconsequential, as well as a complete breakdown on well dressings, I found myself feeling buried by the minutiae. Bren is a seasoned investigator from all accounts, but her lack of focus and multiple emotional upheavals give this reader the impression of a young and untried detective. This is a great series for readers who prefer the softer side of murder mysteries without the gore and crass speak that is often found in this type of read.

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