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ISBN: 9781611245400
Amber Allure, an imprint of Amber Quill Press, LLC
127 Pages
GLBT / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Shapeshifter / Action / Adventure / Interracial / Multicultural / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Rating: 3 Cups

There is something about the shooting range instructor that calls to Logan Rider’s baser needs.

Blaze Canis knows how to handle guns and ammo, but how to handle Logan is a different matter entirely.

As a werewolf, Blaze knows he has to be careful in his selection of lovers. When Logan first meets Blaze, he thinks he sees a coyote, the mischief-maker, in the instructor’s essence. Not being able to stay away from the enigmatic former Navy Seal, Logan decides to let his Shoshoni wisdom guide him toward the right path. What will happen when he realizes that Blaze is not the trickster he thought he was but a living, breathing werewolf?

Awakening the Alpha is steeped in mystical legends, paranormal activities, and dangerous situations. The story was smoothly written, with only one hitch within its pages. Certain parts of the book glanced over storylines, leaving me feeling as if those parts of the plot were rushed. I loved how Ms. Valdez intertwined the Shoshoni into this story. I found that it enhanced the scenery and really gave me a sense of who Logan Rider was as a character. Overall, this was a nice read.

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