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ISBN#: 978-0-85715-554-2
May 2011
Total-E-Bound Publishing
54 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The messier her life becomes, the easier it is for Lara Fisher to quit trying, but thankfully her best friend does not give up on her. The tough love talk with Shona is just what Lara needs to see where she is headed if she does not make a change, and do it soon.

When he put his past behind him Dexter Reilly did not look back. He made plenty of mistakes, but as a life coach for New-U, he now helps people before they hit rock bottom like he did.

She made the call, and it was probably the hardest thing Lara has ever done, but she did it, and now she is scared to death. Dexter gives Lara a set of ground rules, and a spreadsheet to help her get organized, but Lara knows this will not be enough. They embark on a trial run of using punishment for Lara’s inactions, but what they do not expect is how deeply it affects both of them. Dexter cannot afford to complicate his life, and Lara is most definitely the best kind of complication.

When you lose touch with yourself it is nice to know that there are people out there like Dexter who can whip you right back into shape. Poor Lara is such a mess, it is easy to see how desperately she needs Dexter, and it is amusing to watch her fumble her way around him. I love how he gets her to admit what she wants, and makes every decision hers along the way. I would really like to know them better, as well as what brought them to this point, but it is fun to watch Lara test the waters of her inner fantasies, and see Dexter fulfill them for her.

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