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ISBN: 9781451606959-Print/ 9781451607017-eBook
April 2012
Pocket Star Books, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc.
Mass Market Paperback/ eBook
400 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

As a naïve young woman, Nora dreamed of nothing more than adventure with the love of her heart by her side. But soon afterward her dreams of happiness turned to dust as a new nightmare gave her a reality she was not ready for.

Adrian Ferrers knew that some thought he was below Nora, just because of his religion. He truly believed she loved him for his character, until she ripped out his heart and left it shattered on the ground.

Six years have passed since Adrian and Nora last saw each other, and now another form of betrayal brings them in contact once again. Nora’s brother is suspected of treasonous acts and it is Adrian’s job to hunt him down like the viper he is. Adrian certainly did not expect to have any feelings besides hate for the woman he used to love, but he soon realizes that all was not as it seemed six years ago. Can they take the chance at love once again when Nora knows it is Adrian’s job to capture and possibly kill her brother?

Suspense, intrigue, danger, romance, steamy sex, and a cloak & dagger effect give At Your Pleasure a great plot. The interaction between Adrian and Nora was done with just the right touch but I did not always understand the storyline that pertained to the government hierarchy. I felt lost at times, which in turn pulled my attention away from the book itself. However, this issue never lasted long and I found myself once again engrossed in the novel. Ms. Duran wrote a good historical romance that have some great scenarios spattered throughout the pages.

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