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ISBN# 978-1-55487-292-3
May 15, 2009
eXtasy Books
106 pages
Series, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Shapeshifter, Selkie, Merman, Mermaid, Merfolk
Rating: 3 Cups

Marley Tanner works as a translator and a linguist. When the God to the sea folk sends her to Xoc, she is given the gift to assume their form and learn their ways.

Xoc is a Spell Singer blessed with small magics that serve the people of the Conclave. He wonders why Leviathan sent them someone like Marley to further their cause.

Marley is enjoying herself on a yacht when the god to the sea folk, Leviathan, calls for her help. Leviathan knows Marley has the way to bring understanding to his people. He believes his folk need to make a decision whether to show themselves to those on land. She can take one of his kind and show him the ways of living on the land. Xoc is surprised with the person Leviathan has sent. While there, Xoc educates Marley on their ways and explains any dangers concerning predators of the sea. With Marley helping Xoc, and he showing her their ways, it is hard to keep the two from feeling certain sensations, especially when Xoc must think of his desires second.

I found At the Far Waters of Forever an interesting read. It was fascinating reading how Marley must live within the selkie’s and mermaid/merman surroundings, and become as one of them. With her being a human, I got a good visual of her as she changed her form while learning from the others how to live. There were times I felt the intensity when she was in the water and wondered if a shark or other predator would come near and attack. The way Ms. Schaffer depicts the story, this reader could practically imagine the undersea activities, along with the merman and other sea folk in this delightful read.

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