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Abby Sinclair Series

Book 1: A Brush Of Darkness
Book 2: A Sliver Of Shadow
Book 3: A Trace of Moonlight

Abby Sinclair, Book 3
ISBN# 9781439198360
30 October 2012
Pocket Books
400 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Life is a little rocky for Abby Sinclair. Loss of memory, deals with the devil and life on the line for her friends are all par for the course. This time, Abby may be in over her head. Her old enemy, Maurice, is up to his old tricks again, mostly trying to end Abby’s life to gain control of her Key for his own nefarious purposes. And she wishes she knew what he intends to do with it.

As the puzzle grows ever more complicated, Abby teams up with Fae Prince Talivar against his crazy Seelie Queen mother. In an attempt to create balance in the Fae world, Talivar takes up the Unseelie crown and becomes king. Still wrestling with her own problems, Abby is uncertain how this will affect her status as she is sort of wound up, hand fasted, to Talivar. Even worse, her on and off Incubus lover, Brystion, seems to have become mortal, while attempting to aid Abby in regaining her memory.

When Maurice makes an attempt to destroy the Eildon Tree and wrest control of the CrossRoads from the four Paths, Abby must put everything on the line. She has little time to find her missing friend, heal the tree and lift her own death sentence. It is a battle for every race, and the outcome will change the world forever. Abby can only hope to get from one side of the conflict to the other with her life and those of her loved ones intact.

Abby Sinclair’s Fae universe boggles the mind with its complexity. I highly recommend reading the first two novels in the series, before delving into this one. Abby is a smart, sassy heroine, with a huge supporting cast of mythological character, every one having their own convoluted histories and motivations. Perhaps, the ultimate redeeming aspect of this book is the wicked humor Ms. Pang uses to bind it all together.

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