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ISBN: 9781905202942-Print/ 9781905202959-Ebook
April 2009
BeWrite Books
Print/ Ebook
$14.99; £7.99-Print/ £1.00-Ebook
224 Pages
Contemporary Dark Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Rupert Ruskin is not considered a handsome or slim man. His face is scarred from when he hit puberty and the acne left a mark on him. When he fell in love with his ex-wife Elaine Montgomery, it was more because of her sass than her own plain looks.

With a huge range of high and lows for mood swings, Elaine and Rupert had a volatile marriage. Four years after they married at the courthouse, they divorced amicably. She is back and wanting his help as cancer ravages her body beyond repair.

Elaine wants him to help her put her life in order before the cancer completely takes over her life. Rupert knows that she is dying, but he wants her last moments on Earth to be a celebration and plans a surprise wedding. He is not expecting it to be a totally different ceremony that will give Elaine the peace she so needs, one that may haunt Rupert for the rest of his life.

Mr. Kaplan tells the story of how Elaine tries to give herself the peace she needs during her horrible illness with the help of her ex-husband, Rupert. Parts of the story are highly controversial, including talk of the right to die. Other elements of the story had me completely lost, and I was not sure what was going on. I did have a hard time with the drug use, but found myself empathizing with Elaine’s emotional mood swings and how out of control she felt at times. A Thousand Beauties is an up and down story with many highs and lows of its own.

Caution: This tale contains one scene of ménage a trois with an f/m/f.

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