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ISBN# 9780385344159/9780345527578
Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group
Hardcover/E Book
$25.00 US/$12.99
424 pages
Rating: 4 cups

The name Lavinia Warren Bump might not be a name that is recognized by many, but Mrs. Tom Thumb is.

Vinnie Bump was born an average-sized baby, but she stopped growing at the height of two feet, eight inches. The life she would have been forced to live in 1885 was vastly changed when Colonel Wood arrived at her parents’ front door and whisked Vinnie off into the big wide world.

Vinnie was a curiosity in her town, but Colonel Wood took that curiosity and showed it to the world. It was during the time with Colonel Wood she experienced the wickedness that lies in being considered a “freak”. Meeting P.T. Barnum brought something else Vinnie thought would never happen. She met, fell in love with and married Charles Stratton, or as the world knows him, General Tom Thumb. Their wedding captivated the world and brought them national recognition via the White House. From presidents to kings and queens, Vinnie entertained in venues far grander than her imagination could have showed her. Vinnie’s journey through life was not an easy one, by any means, but she took life by the horns and led one that was far different than anyone could have imagined for her.

Lavinia Bump is a name I have known for years. Whether it was reading other books or watching movies, this lady has always been an inspiration. It was not until I turned the last page of this novel that I realized just how incredible an individual she really was. Ms. Benjamin has brought Vinnie to life in ways that other stories have never done justice. If you are looking for a book to inspire you, make you laugh, cry or shake your fist at the world and its injustice, then I highly recommend you pick this book up.

Note to readers: This is a fictionalized autobiography. Ms. Benjamin writes in first person as if she is Ms. Lavinia Bump.

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