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ISBN#: 978-1-59578-835-1
April 2011
Liquid Silver Book
138 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Kat is a normal college student when she and her best friend from childhood, Alex, are attacked. Still in shock, she learns she is the “vessel” of a wolf demon, Fenrir, whose release could destroy the world. A demented sorcerer, Dr. Friendly, will do anything to get to her and her demon.

Alex has been Kat’s bodyguard for years and knows that she is angry for being deceived by him and her parents. A “Watcher” he is dedicated to Kat and to preventing Fenrir’s release, and he will risk everything for the woman he loves.

Kat trusts no one now, and her whole word is upside down. The evil Dr. Friendly wants Kat so he can control Fenrir and the world. Will Kat, Alex, and the Watchers be able to stop him? Fenrir also wants his freedom and is trying to lure Kat into releasing him. What is a girl to do with her life in danger and she has an available demon?

A Stranger Within is a thrilling romance. This is a well thought out plot line with fully developed characters. Alex is a gold star hero, and I really enjoyed watching Kat’s realization of his worth. The bad guys were appropriately scummy. The action and dialogue blended well throughout the story and moved the subplots along swiftly. Background characters are each developed in a unique way and should lead to sequels. The sex scenes are good, but it is the action that impressed me the most.

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