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Hearts and Thrones, Book 1
ISBN# 9780451417824
2 April 2013
Signet Eclipse
400 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Vitala Solonius knows what her mission is. She has come to the Imperial Palace to kill the Emperor. Her sedate exterior as a Caturanga champion hides a woman who has been trained in seduction and magic, so knows the deadly power of both.

Lucien is fascinated by Vitala’s skills as a Caturanga player, her beauty and her wit. He has no business getting involved with Vitala when he must remain vigilant against an attack. The son of a deposed emperor is a prime rebel target, and Lucien is no different. Yet he cannot turn away from the chance to escape into a world of pleasure and fulfillment with a woman unlike any other he has ever met.

Vitala has been trained to control her base urges, to use her sensuality as a weapon. Lucien’s skills sneak past her defenses before she realizes it is happening. He is clever, sensitive and sexy in a way she does not expect. How can she assassinate a man she is quickly coming to love?

There is nothing quite as sexy as a woman who can be both assassin and love. Vitala does both with aplomb. The hot tension between her and Lucien will keep readers eagerly turning pages as they delve into the intricate fantasy world Ms. Raby has created.

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