Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-59315-656-5
April 2011
Vanguard Press
$14.99 US / $17.50 CAN
224 Pages
Women’s Fiction, Inspirational
Rating: 4 Cups

Marly is returning to her childhood home because her daughter, Katie, wants to meet her grandmother Winnie. It’s been twelve years, but Marly is still bitter and heartsick about the rift between her mother and herself.

Reed Bennett and his son live next door to Winnie. As Sheriff of the small community, it is his business to be nosey. When Marly and Katie arrive, a friendship quickly develops between the two children, and Reed finds his interest piqued by Marly, as well.

Winnie is delighted to meet her granddaughter and to be given a potential opportunity to reconcile with her daughter. Marly dreads the visit but is willing to make an effort for the sake of her daughter. However, as the days pass, Marly finds herself more and more attracted to Reed, but with a new job waiting in Detroit, she feels the budding relationship must remain casual.

This is a charming story that I read in a single session. The characters are remarkably well depicted, believable and likeable. I think the pacing is outstanding; I never lost interest and was kept fully engaged as the story evolved. I particularly like that Reed is a fairly straight-forward type of guy who deals ably with the prickly Marly. In many ways, he becomes as much of a bridge between Marly and Winnie as the darling, irrepressible Katie. This sweet, feel-good story will appeal to women of all ages. It is a beautifully written testament to the fact that past mistakes, failures, or heartbreaks should never deter us from striving toward a better, more promising future.

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