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The Midnight Breed Series

Book 1: Kiss of Midnight
Book 2: Kiss of Crimson
Book 3: Midnight Awakening
Book 4: Midnight Rising
Book 5: Veil of Midnight
Book 6: Ashes of Midnight
Book 7: Shades of Midnight
Book 8: Taken by Midnight
Book 9: Deeper than Midnight
Book 10: Darker after Midnight

Lara Adrian's Interview

ISBN: 9780440244509-Paperback/ 9780440338529-Ebook
May 26, 2009
Dell, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group
Paperback/ Ebook
$6.99 (USA); $8.99 (CAN)-Paperback/ $6.99-Ebook
368 Pages-Paperback/ 384 Pages-Ebook
Paranormal, Romance, Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Claire Roth is breedmate to Wilhelm Roth and their relationship is definitely not a love match. Even though this is true, their blood bond still pulls them to each other so they can feed from each other.

Andreas Reichen has experienced a horrible loss; his home was intruded by someone he trusted, and all the people he held dear were slaughtered. Now he is back from the dead and ready to seek justice and wreak the havoc of revenge on those who sent his friends to their deaths.

Years ago, Andreas and Claire were lovers and in love. When he suddenly disappeared, her heart was broken and the pieces picked up by none other than Wilhelm. Andreas has Claire on his list of those who must pay for what was done, even if it breaks his heart all over again. When Wilhelm finds out the dormant feelings of love between his enemy and his breedmate are alive, he will stop at nothing to eliminate Andreas and Claire forever.

Ashes of Midnight is an intense roller coaster ride which starts from where the last book left off. Ms. Adrian has a way of writing that brings a unique storyline to the paranormal genre. The novel is part of a series and this tale has some returning characters; however, for the most part it can be read as a standalone. The reason I gave this book 4 cups instead of 5 is there are certain evil characters from previous books that were not explained in a way that a first time reader would understand. Other than that one point, this novel has all the passion, action, hope, love, despair, good vs. evil, and many other items within the storyline that will have you wanting to read more from this great author.

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