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ISBN#: 978-0-352-34531-8
September 1, 2009
Black Lace
275 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Some would say that Maddie Campion has a dream job, and for the most part she agrees. She scouts movie locations all around the English countryside, and spending the majority of her days outside is what she loves most about her job; al fresco is the only way to go.

Apart from the hay fields, livestock, and machinery Ben Hudson is not your typical farmer. He is young, wealthy, and not afraid of taking risks with his money or his women.

Maddie can practically feel the steam coming out of her ears every time she has to contend with the movie’s director Hugh Shepherd. His underhanded coercion that resulted in her working on his film is very much indicative of his personality, but she finds a way of blowing off some of that frustration. The young men in and around Dorset prove to be very good at diverting her attention, especially one extremely sexy farmer. Ben loves the wild side of Maddie’s personality, which compliments his own quite well, but what will happen once the shoot is over?

Whoever said that farm boys are too tame and quiet certainly never spent any time with one. These boys, however, take it to the max, and that down home country appeal only adds to the attraction. Maddie’s character loves showing off her body, and thoroughly enjoys the effect she has on men, and while this may come off as arrogant, at least she is honest. The young couples in this story are free and open with their affections, and fabulously sexy love scenes are pervasive throughout.

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