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April 2011
Self Published
157 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Minerva Peabody has an impossible dream, to be a playwright in a time that does not accept that women have the capacity to create something so complicated. The only way to even get a theatre troupe to read her play is to pretend it was written by someone else. The only problem is that her fake playwright wants to have more involvement than she is comfortable with.

Privateer Robert Blakewell stumbled into the perfect way to get inside Lord Hawesbury’s Players. Pretending to be the author of Min’s play is just what he needs to find the cur among the Players that got his sister with child. But when his mission begins to threaten Min’s play, he must make a choice.

Min is finally making her own dreams come true. The only problem is that she needs to improve her writing in ways that she has no basis to understand. Robert may have his own agenda but who could pass up Min’s proposal to help her improve her writings with his personal life experiences? But now she must attempt to hide her play-writing success from her scientist father, who believes her writing is a frivolous activity that has no real life practicality and may ruin her family’s reputation forever.

C. J. Archer reminds me why I like historical romances so much! Her characters came alive on the pages with just enough historical fact to make everything believable. The age of theatre in Elizabethan England was really interesting to read about. I believe it is the first book of its kind that I have read. I was a bit startled at first about the looser rules for females than what I am used to from Regency period novels, but when I thought about it, it seemed very realistic and made me like the characters even more.

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