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ISBN#: 9780983807865
August 2011
DCL Publications, LLC
$ 2.99
104 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Cecily Lawrence wasn’t quite the thing when she was presented to Society a few years ago. Her dress had been in fashion when she first came out, however now, three years later, it isn’t quite what is in style. Accepting she may live life on the shelf, she is surprised when the dashing Garrett notices her. When his passion meets hers, scandal is the obvious result.

Garrett Hastings, Earl of Blackmore, is ready to marry the woman his family chose for him. Although his soon to be bride is distant and aloof, he hopes the marriage will go well. He cannot forget, however, the woman who made his body come alive five years ago. If only she were the bride waiting him at the altar.

Caught in a lovers embrace, Cecily is ruined and vows revenge against the lover that left her with all the infamy of being ruined without actually ruining her. Kidnapping him, she plans to ruin him as he did her so long ago, thwarting his marriage to the evil Jane. But will the passion of yesterday flame a love today?

There is something ever enchanting about historical romance and the strictures society put on people to deny their own basic needs. This story captures the passionate natures of two characters caught in a web of societal mores even though they long for something more. Sadly, though, it fails to deliver the richness that one comes to expect from a period piece. Altogether a good passionate story with a somewhat unbelievable love and easily overcome obstacles that would have been an amazing read with a bit more character development.

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