Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN- 978—0-06-211539-3
May 2012
William Morrow/Harper Collins
Trade Paperback
416 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

After yet another relationship ends, Anne Blythe feels like it is not meant for her to have a special someone to celebrate the special things in life. Then she stumbles upon a card for what she believes is a dating service.

When Anne’s best friend announces she is getting married, it sends Anne right to the card of the dating service, figuring why not? Only it is not a dating service, it is an arranged marriage service.

After giving it much thought, she decides to go ahead with the idea and soon finds herself in Cancun getting ready to marry Jack. Strangely, things seem to be working out good, that is until Anne finds out the whole truth of their marriage setup. Will she ever find true love?

Ms. McKenzie has done it again with her latest release, to take an off the wall character and twist the storyline to make you, the reader, feel just what main character feels. In this case Anne’s lack of a stable and right man in her life and how she tries to remedy that. I love the way all the characters blend their stories into one, just as normal life things run together and overlap at times. I love not knowing if they are crazy or just feeling something you would feel. I cannot wait for the next book to flow from Ms. McKenzie’s mind to paper.

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