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Celestial Justice Series
Book 1 - Araton's Destiny

Celestial Justice Series, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-920484-20-0
December 20, 2010
Silver Publishing
120 Pages
M/M, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Making mistakes is to be expected for one so young, but Jr. Guardian Araton has just committed one that is unconscionable. He has never felt comfortable in his role and being easily distracted has now cost his human dearly.

Since he was five years old, Jake Danis knew he wanted to be a pro football player, but an injury cut his career short. Now Jake just feels adrift, angry, and very much alone.

Jake exchanges one dangerous sport for another, only this time he has finally pushed himself too far, and it will take a miracle to survive. Against all odds Araton is given another chance to redeem himself, not as a guardian angel, but as something quite different and exciting. Araton’s job is very clear, but after meeting Jake, his very un-celestial-like desires come roaring to the surface. Jake has no idea where Araton came from or what he is, he only knows that for the first time in his life there is something more than football.

If you have ever been within seconds of a serious accident, and somehow miraculously escape unscathed, you may have an idea of what it feels like to have a guardian angel. And if you are totally accident prone and could trip over an imaginary bump, you may know what it is like to have Araton. I like to think God has a sense of humor, and Serena Yates does a fantastic job of proving it. Her characters are not only drop dead sexy, but wonderfully flawed and human at the same time.

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