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ISBN #: 9780451234612
September 2011
New American Library
Trade Paperback
$ 15.00
352 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Penny Nichols Laidley is an American newly married to her stepcousin, Jeremy. She is intelligent and creative, a set designer specializing in historical subjects. She is named after her Great Aunt Penelope who left her and Jeremy a rather large fortune.

Jeremy Laidley is a lawyer and the perfect balance to his new wife. He is logical and very much in love with Penny. The two of them partnered together can solve most every mystery.

Penny and Jeremy are barely back from their honeymoon when they are asked by a very important personage to return to the Cornwall home of Grandmother Beryl Laidley. This is the very place where Penny and Jeremy first met as children, so it has a special place in their hearts. An unscrupulous developer has influenced the town council and the group entrusted with the care of the house and the village is unable to compete with that kind of money, but hope Jeremy and Penny can save the place by solving an Elizabethan riddle.

This series has much to recommend it and seems to get better with each book. Cornwall is a wonderful setting for a mystery; it has so much history and legend attached to the area. Penny and Jeremy have a large assortment of very colorful relatives and friends to assist them, and their history with this particular house, make it imperative they save it. The inhabitants of the village are equally colorful, and the developers make for some excellent villains. I am sure you will enjoy reading this excellent mystery to find out if Penny and Jeremy save the day once again.

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