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ISBN: Previously released Anthology 9781906811075/ stand alone novella 9781907280221
October 2009
Total-E-Bound Publication
87 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Advisory: This story was previously released in the Nectar of the Gods Anthology by Total-E-Bound.

Apollo is the god of wine and fertility. His idea of a good time is music and sex--lots of sex.

Tanya is the sound person for a band whose lead singer is famous for his way with the women. When James begins to act differently with her, she begins to suspect something odd is going on.

When Apollo wakes up and realizes he has a hangover, the thought that he is trapped in some mortal’s body quickly becomes a reality for him. With his good friend Mona’s help, along with the sexy redhead Tanya, Apollo tries to figure out how to get back to Olympus. Because as time passes, his identity as Apollo begins to fade as the real James begins to take over and he may be stuck as a man he does not even know.

Apollo’s Choice is the story of how a very selfish god must make a choice, one that will change his life along with a woman who he has grown to care for. Sascha Illyvich paints an unflattering and yet probably quite accurate picture of the god of wine and sex. Over time though, we get to see Apollo fight for someone other than himself as he grows and matures within the pages of this novel. Though the story was sometimes confusing as it seemed to jump from one thought to another, overall this tale is a good read. Not to mention the sex scenes are outstandingly hot, but what else should one expect when reading about the god of sex?

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