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ISBN# 9781629290171
1 August 2013
Eternal Press
183 Pages
Urban Fantasy Horror
Rating: 4 Cups

Jenna is a survivor of an apocalypse that starts out as a virus, killing most of the world and producing flesh-eating zombies. Instead of getting ready for life after high school, she has to fight to stay alive. She joins up with a band of fellow survivors, who watch out for each other and share whatever supplies they find, on their way to settling in a safe place. She will also have to choose between two boys–one human and one not.

Caleb, an Other, is a fellow survivor and crew member. Others are a result of the virus. They are not zombies, but they have improved strength, regeneration and senses. They also develop a new diet and sensitivity to sunlight. Caleb and a few Others offer their help to fellow band members, trading their skills for protection during the day. When Jenna joins the group, he is captivated by her toughness and beauty, wanting to get closer.

Humanity is nearly wiped out after being struck with a virus, which causes the dead to rise as zombies and creates the Others. After many close calls, the band of survivors makes it to a mountain retreat where they can start anew. But freedom from zombies is not freedom from all danger, which will visit them again. During this, Jenna will have to choose to continue to mourn for what is lost or look to the future and, despite the apocalypse, see that love and hope are still possible.

This story is a terrific and smooth read. It has the perfect balance of action and suspense, vivid characters and robust descriptions. The romance between Jenna, Caleb and Quentin is well done and is blessedly free of a lot of angst that some love triangles have. The end suggests another book, which would be good, since this is a fascinating post-apocalyptic world containing great characters that have a lot of potential. I would certainly suggest this story to someone who loves paranormal romance, with action and suspense, along with zombies.

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