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Dreg City Series

Book 1- Three Days to Dead
Book 2 - As Lie the Dead
Book 3: Another Kind of Dead
Book 4: Wrong Side of Dead

Dreg City Series, Book 3
ISBN# 9780345525772/9780345525789
August 2, 2011
Bantam Dell, a division of Random House Publishing
Paperback/ E Book
384 pages
Fiction/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Evangeline “Evy” Stone was a bounty hunter of dregs, half vampires, until her sort of death. See, Evy died, but she was able to take over a body that was not her own. Now, Evy has extra special powers that she has to learn how to control.

William Thackery is a doctor/mad scientist who has Evy on his radar. He has plans for her and the new body she inhabits.

Evy is tired of the people who come in contact with her ending up dead. There is a spy somewhere in her circle of trusted people. No matter what move Evy and her group of Triad members are about to make, William Thackery is one step ahead of them. Thackery has some good ideas, but it is the way he implements them that Evy has problems with. She certainly does not want to become the next experiment in his collection. Sometimes, you have to do what you do not want to in order to protect those that matter most to you in this world.

Action and adventure seems to be the theme of this story. Evy is a kick-butt heroine who is dealing with some pretty painful issues from the past and more than a few problems in her present, and she certainly got my attention from the start. However, I will admit to not reading the previous two books in the Dreg City series, though I hope to remedy that in the future. This is definitely not a stand-alone book. I got thoroughly confused until I did a little research. Once I had a bit of information about this world Ms. Meding has created, I devoured the words written on each page. From one moment to the next, I anxiously anticipated what would occur next for Evy. If you are a fan of this series, I do not believe you will be disappointed about this new installment.

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