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ISBN# 13-978-1481908450
January 2013
$6.99 Kindle/$15.95 Print
235 Pages
Gay Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Craggy Grove, Tennessee, is not exactly the most liberal or progressive place for a young boy like Rory Wilson to grow up in. In fact, were it not for his loving mother and grandparents, Rory knows he may not have made it through high school.

Learning she was pregnant was the greatest day of Ruth Wilson’s life, and for a while her family felt complete. As the years progress, however, her husband becomes increasingly awful towards their son, especially when it is clear that Rory is not like all of the other boys.

Rory learns early on to keep his head down at school and avoids being noticed in any way, yet that does not stop the incessant bullying. The one thing that always takes his mind off of his troubles is his gardening, although even that is not enough when he loses the only boy friend he ever had. Ruth instinctively understands why Rory does not enjoy regular “guy” things like sports, hunting, and girls, yet it really hits home when she learns of PFLAG. Rory knows his mother loves him unconditionally; unfortunately there is no easy way of getting through life when you feel like the only gay kid on the planet.

It seems like no matter how nice and kind and inoffensive Rory is, someone someway finds a reason to hate him. It is sickening to know that this kind of mentality is still alive and well in the human race, no matter what the prejudice may be. It is a testament to the loving support from his mother and grandparents that Rory has the inner strength he does. This story could easily be about the kid next door whose life may be changed with such a simple act like acceptance.

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